#silenceaction #visjungerut #tystdansa #metoobackstage #theshowisover


Of course Stockholm University of the Arts supports #silenceaction, #visjungerut, #tystdansa, #metoobackstage and #theshowisover and all the other women who witnessed abuse.

•  Here at Stockholm University of the Arts we understand and accept that it is our responsibility to shape a safe, respectful and equal environment for our students to live and work in after graduation.

• We acknowledge that we have an important role to play in identifying and counteracting sexual harassment in the Swedish film and performing arts industry.

• We commit to providing, and modelling, safe, respectful and equal working conditions for all students.

• We will expose and counteract the oppressive structures and unequal conditions which currently prevail in the cinema and performing arts industries.

• We will work closely with these industries, and other stakeholders, to ensure that the workplaces our students enter into are free from harassment and discrimination.

• We, at Stockholm University of the Arts, recognise that we have the opportunity and the agency to expect and demand cultural change and that we take our responsibility to do so extremely seriously.