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The work exercises ways of being, moving and relating in a specific viscous and fluid material. It is experienced and choreographed through, from and with slime. Slime, as a main element in the space, and the affection mechanism from and to it saturates the sensual experience towards sensations of alienation, pleasure and disgust. The slime on the floor stagnates the space, bodies work horizontally as they are pulled down to a ground that is no longer solid.

Fiebre is an attempt to create an intimate, inceptive space that moves through trajectories of physical states, erotic togetherness, heat and rawness. Is a dance piece that is part of an on-going research with slime, dance and bodies with a desire to develop workshops around this research to address primarily female and non-cis male teenagers in youth-clubs.

A proposal from Tamara Alegre created together with Lydia Östberg Diakité and Marie Ursin. Karina Sarkissova as advisor and Klara Utke Acs as external eye.

Costumes by Benedicte Eggesbø, Hedda Carlson and Freja Wesik.
Music by Katja Lindeberg - HAJ300.
Image by Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek.

About Tamara Alegre

Tamara Alegre, born in Gran Canaria, started to dance with La Ribot in 2013, then Mårten Spångberg and more recently with Nikima Jagudajev. Before that, she worked as an underground music curator. In 2017 she initiated, together with Lisen Pousette, Klara Utke Acs and Chloe Chignell, POSSE a weekly extra-scholarly dance and reading group. Her work evolves on embodiment, fluids, energy and states as choreographic tools.

About Marie Ursin

Marie Ursin is a Norwegian dancer and choreographer. She graduated from DOCH in 2013 and is based in Berlin and Oslo. She has been working with Margrét Sara
Gu.jónsdóttir and Mette Ingvartsen, amongst others. Ursin has been the artistic director of Scene:Bluss for last five years during Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival. At the moment she is developing a total art piece that will last for 15 hours based on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

About Lydia Östberg Diakité

Lydia Östberg Diakité is a Copenhagen based dancer, performer and choreographer originally from Sweden. Recently graduated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts June 2017 and since then has performed and worked with DD Dorvillier, Paula Caspäo, Liz Kinoshita, Casper-Malte Augusta, amongst others. Together with Emilie Gregersen they form the duo POWDER.


The eight students of the Master Programme in Choreography at DOCH, School of Dance and Circus, present their final works during a four days programme at DOCH and Danscentrum 17-20 May 2018. Take part of them all!.

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