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Textures of Loss

The Swedish word ‘omsorg’, which in English translates as caretaking, is made up of the words ‘om’ and ‘sorg’ – ‘om’ meaning about and ‘sorg’ grief. Omsorg. Om sorg. Continuing on this line of omsorg as something that allows for a variety of understandings and practices, the work insists on the adverb about - on being around/surrounding – and sets out to be a sturdy container for that which loss through death incites; a container of caretaking in the sense of holding and making possible.

With this in mind, Lisen Pousette invites you to join her attempt to read, touch and listen to the threads of experiences that make up the text and textures of loss. This questioning was prompted by an experience that is at once deeply personal but not hers alone. Shared in the context of ‘end presentations’, the work refuses to be defined by conventional ideas of ’loss’ and ‘end’ as stagnation and final rupture. On the contrary, through the idea of omsorg it seriously cares for the movement and transformation that loss and ends enfold.

About Lisen Pousette

After working in numerous constellations with friends, studying choreography at DOCH came from Lisen Pousette’s wish to further explore her ‘independent’ artistry. Friendship still permeates aspects of her current work, however, under continuous renegotiation and will continue to do so. Lately, it has taken the shape of spending time with vocal practices, for example “growling” and within the format of the choir.

She received her BA at ArtEZ dancer/maker programme and was after graduating part of the Netherlands based collective Baby Skin. Apart from living and working in Stockholm, Lisen currently plays drums in the in the black metal duo Moddervarken and co-hosts POSSE dancing and reading group.

Scenography: Tove Dreiman
Thanks to Malin Arnell, Peter Mills, Rebecka Stillman, Ali-eddine Abdelkhalek, Madelyn Bullard and everyone who has participated in the working process.


The eight students of the Master Programme in Choreography at DOCH, School of Dance and Circus, present their final works during a four days programme at DOCH and Danscentrum 17-20 May 2018. Take part of them all!. 

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