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Morfa Rhuddlan

In 2008 I came across a filmed interview in which an amateur Welsh folk fiddle player describes a “lost dance, a solo dance for one woman that commemorates the death of Llywelyn, the last Prince of Wales. Morfa Rhuddlan emerges from a quest to find this so-called “lost dance" and presents the audience with the material uncovered during ten years of sporadic research. It remains “a solo dance for one woman that commemorates the death of Llywelyn, the last Prince of Wales” in 1282 and is paired with dance scores that I have developed from studying the characteristics of linguistic code-switching.

This work is presented here in the context of the MFA Choreography degree project as a one-hour performance, as individual meetings in the grounds of DOCH/KTH (see below how to book your ticket for this event) and as an open studio. 

About Siriol Joyner

Siriol Joyner is an artist working within the field of dance, choreography and visual arts. She is obsessed with language and its relationship to dance and dancing and the material and political implications of this connection. She is creating movement, text and object works that focus upon the notions of translation and code-switching.

Her interests are informed by the minority status of her mother tongue, Cymraeg (Welsh). She originally trained with the Royal Ballet Associates before going on to study Fine Art at Oxford University, developing performances which combined both her dance and visual arts practices. Siriol is engaged in long-term choreographic research with Ruairí Donovan under the name CELTIC RADICAL; their upcoming work Naomhóg involves building traditional wooden boats in Ireland and Wales. Currently based in Sweden, Siriol is from Aberystwyth in Cymru/Wales.

Diolch/Tack till Malin Arnell, Cara Tolmie, Lena Schattenberg, Peter Mills & Anna Grip.


The performances on Thursday 17 May, 13: 00-14:00 and Friday 16:00-17:00 take place in Studio 16 at DOCH, School of Dance and Circus, Brinellvägen 58, KTH Campus.

You are also invited to accompany Siriol in the grounds of DOCH/KTH on Saturday 19 May 2018, 14:30-16:00 and Sunday 20 May 2018, 15:30-17:00. Meeting and returning outside the front door of DOCH, School of Dance and Circus, Brinellvägen 58. Please wear weather appropriate shoes. Limited to 3 people each session. Book your ticket here.

Studio 4 is a working space for the Morfa Rhuddlan project and is open to the public intermittently during 17-20 May. Times announced daily, via facebook/instagram/on the door of Studio 4.


The eight students of the Master Programme in Choreography at DOCH, School of Dance and Circus, present their final works during a four days programme at DOCH and Danscentrum 17-20 May 2018. Take part of them all!.