Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts


Finally it is time for the students of the master´s program "Movit - directing and dramaturgy for movement - based performing arts" to show what they are working with. Welcome to SADA 13-16 November.

During their education, each student develops his or her own artistic issue, both theoretically and practically. The issues are close to the students artistic practices, they make it burn in the hearts of the students themselves.

The exhibition is a presentation of the practical part of the students' work with their questions and is included in the course Practical Experience / Production.

The students come from several different areas in the performing arts: dance, theater and circus. The content of the exhibits therefore has a completely different look one from another. The common denominator is that it is about performing arts as a basis.

At MOVIT EXPO! each student has two occasions to meet an audience with his or her work. At first, during the afternoon, a conversation with an opponent is included, with the class and the audience. In the evening, a conversation with the audience is included.

Warmly welcome!


Veronica Tjerned: ANARKALI
13/11 kl 13.00-14.30 studio 1
13/11 kl 17.00-18.00 studio 1

Julia Kraus Dybeck: Short interruptions
13/11 kl 15.00-16.30 studio 2
13/11 kl 18.30-19.30 studio 2

Robert Jelinek
14/11 kl 13.00-14.30 studio 1
14/11 kl 17.00-18.00 studio 1

Jannine Rivel: Re- hers  
14/11 kl 15.00-16.30 studio 2
14/11 kl 18.30-19.30 studio 2

Mattias Andersson
15/11 kl 13.00-14.30 studio 3
15/11 kl 17.00-18.00 studio 3

Åsa Back: SINNLIG i Peking
15/11 kl 15.00-16.30 studio 4
15/11 kl 18.30-19.30 studio 4

Maria Lindeman: Att nå bortom texten
16/11 kl 13.00-14.30 studio 3
16/11 kl 17.00-18.00 studio 3

Olle Strandberg: Creative adaptation to uncontrollable situations 
16/11 kl 15.00-16.30 studio 4
16/11 kl 18.30-19.30 studio 4

About the education

The Master's program Movit - direction and dramaturgy for movement-based performing arts is a two-year full-time education aimed at deepening and broadening the students' knowledge in motion-based performing arts. The program is research preparative and the students work theoretically and practically with an artistic issue that they formulate themselves.

The course consists of lectures, seminars, workshops, reflective writing and own project work / preparatory research. It also contains production-like cooperation / s with other programs on SKH.


Program Manager Åsa Johannisson, Associate Professor in Circus

Educational teacher Practical experience / production: Lena Stefenson, Associate Professor in Mime-acting.

Teacher also Barbro Smeds, Professor of artistic knowledge creation.

Educational teacher Independent work and Movement-based performing arts: Bodil Persson, associate professor inacting, focusing dramaturgy.

Educational teacher Reflection upon practical knowledge: Niklas Hald, PhD in  acting

Other supervisors: Aleksandra Czarnecki-Plaude, Stacey Sacks, Carina Reich

Technique: Pedro Martinez, Adam Woodward, Björn Nilsson

Head of Department: Simon Norrthon