Platform - physical theatre - summer course
Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Platform - physical theatre - course

Platform - Physical Theatre is a course for those who want to study and develop within the physical performance and storytelling

The course is developed in collaboration with London Physical Theatre School. The tutor is Lana Biba.

One of the 20th century theatre pioneers Jacques Lecoq, developed a playing style within his educational method called Platform. The genre is based on a group of actors telling an epic story in a contained playing space. The aim is to create a compact version of a staged or cinematic narrative. The platform technique is also a method that offers a good understanding for the dramatic structure of a piece and demands a high level of physical precision.

Video example of Lana's work with Platform:

The workshop consists of four main elements:

  1. Platform Theatre (character, ensemble & dramaturgic work; exploration of sound & voice)
  2. Mime (Marceau & Decroux corporal practices)
  3. Mask work (improvisation)
  4. Devising (collaborative creation)

We also look at the technical and poetic storytelling by the French mime-classic Marcel Marceau, and how it can be transformed to the use of Modern Mime today. We research how to generate material and collaborate as an ensemble, with a holistic approach to the different phases of a creative process.

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    The course takes place between 4th-28th of June.

    The course consists of a practical part and a theoretical part.

    4th-16th of June consist of practical work in whole class and small groups. The rest of the period consists of a self-reflection task that does not require presence at the university. The practical part consists of technique classes running parallel with own creation work of the platform pieces. It will end with an informal sharing of students’ work to an invited audience.

    The teaching lecturer:

    Lana Biba - award-winning actress, director and educator, working with physical theatre, mime, clown, mask, dance, object manipulation and mindfulness. Co-founder of the international company 2theatre and London Physical Theatre School. Educated with Marcel Marceau in Paris, Lecoq and Meisner trainer at LISPA and Actors Temple in London. Credits include: artist and casting partner at Cirque du Soleil, lead in SOAP The Show world-tour; screen work like Law & Order UK (iTV), Motion Capture (Audio Motion Studios) as well as directing and movement coach at the Roundhouse, New Diorama Theatre (GBR) and Boulevardteatern (SWE).

    As educator she has worked at the Central School of Speech & Drama and Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts (London), Kiev National University of Theatre, Film & Television, Boulevardteatern's theatre school, Drama School Mumbai, New York Trade Horse Theatre Group and other schools/companies in the UK, Spain, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, US, Canada and India.

    Lana Biba
    Actress, Director, Educator

  • Entry requirements

    General entry requirement for studies at the first cycle (with an exemption from Swedish 1, 2, 3) or the equivalent and

    Specific entry requirement

    • 30 credits within the performative arts or the equivalent

    If you don’t fulfil the formal entry requirements for the programme you may apply for recognition of prior learning, in other words that the knowledge and competence you have acquired through other activities are assessed as the equivalent of the formal merits that are required. Submit your application for recognition of prior learning with your application for the programme.

    You may also apply for an exemption/a waiver, that allows you to proceed to the selection process even though you don’t meet the general admission requirements. Submit your application for an exemption/a waiver together with your application.

    Read more about how you can show that you meet the entry requirements (that you are eligible).

  • Valuable prior knowledge

    Prior experience of or skills within mask, clown, mime, singing, vocal sound effects, devising, directing, dramaturgy or storytelling.

  • How to apply

    When the course is open for application you apply through our web-based application system by clicking on the "Apply"-button on this page.

    Start your application early! Don’t delay in submitting your application! You may run into trouble if you wait until the last day and your internet connection happens to be down, or you find that your files are in the wrong format. You will not be able to apply once the last date for applications has passed. Keep in mind that your application needs to be turned in by 23.59 (Swedish time).

    When you have entered the application system:

    1. Register by putting in your name and e-mail address.
    2. Input your personal data (including your Swedish civic registration number if you have one).
    3. Fill in the application form and upload the required documents.

    Before uploading your documents, they must be prepared as follows:

    You should scan your original documents. If the document is in colour, scan it in colour.

    Be sure to scan ALL document pages, even those that just contain instructions, or keys, or other information that is not necessarily your grade information. You must submit all pages in one documentt.

    If you upload copies of original documents (degree certificates, transcript of records, language test results etc.) they must be certified/attested! This means that another person must sign their name, print their name and provide their telephone number on each document copy you submit. This person, by signing, is certifying that the copy you submit is an exact copy of the original. A friend, relative or government official can provide this certification for you.

    All textfiles must be in PDF-format to be accepted for uploading.

    Please name your files with content and your name for example: CV_AnnaSmith.

    All grades and certificates should primarily be in Swedish, but Danish, English, Faroese, Finish, French, German and Norwegian are also accepted. Regarding documents issued in another language, you must upload the original document along with a translation made by an authorized translator.

    Documents to upload

    1. A copy of your valid passport or valid national identity card (if applicable for you)
    2. Applicants from non-EU, EEA-country, or Switzerland, need to pay application fee for higher education in Sweden, and if admitted a tuition fee. If you are a citizen in an EU, EEA-country, or Switzerland, you do not have to pay application or tuition fees. In order to find out which group you belong to, you need to show your citizenship. Therefore, you must upload a copy of your passport/valid national identity card. For the passport/national identity card to be considered valid, your copy must be uploaded a maximum of 3 months after the expiration date has passed. Since last day of application is March 15, 2018, the last valid day for your passport/national identity card must be June 15, 2018. If you have a Swedish civic registration number, or Swedish citizenship, you do not need to upload a copy of your passport. But don't forget to state your Swedish civic registration number when you fill in your personal data.
    3. For the General entry requirement for studies at the first cycle. with an exemption from Swedish 1, 2, 3 or the equivalent. You must upload your diploma, a list of subjects taken and grades received from upper secondary school or a grades certificate or the equivalent from adult education at upper secondary school. If you do not fulfil the formal entry requirements for the programme, you may apply for recognition of prior learning/exemption.
    4. Attested documents that verify that you fulfil the specific entry requirement of 30 credits within the performative arts or the equivalent.
    5. CV
    6. Personal letter (in which the applicant justifies why the applicant is looking for the course Max 1 A4 page (4000 characters)
    7. A video of 2 minutes (Max 150MB):
      1st min – please record a very short appearance of 5 characters, as different as possible.
      2nd min – a performance video from your finished work on stage or camera. If you don’t have a recording of that, you can show us whatever else you would like to share.

    Please note that we only accept applications and certificates through the application system, not by means of regular post or e-mail.

    Confirmation of your application

    When you’ve submitted your application you will receive a confirmation to the e-mail address that you’ve stated. If you don’t receive an confirmation e-mail, you should firstly check your spam filter. If the confirmation e-mail is not there, contact the technical support for the application system by e-mail:

    Technical difficulties with your application?

    Phone: +46 520 580 050 (weekdays at the following times: 08:30–12:00 and 13:00–16:30) 

  • When you have applied

    Selection is based on a written application consisting of CV and personal letter in which the applicant justifies why the applicant is looking for the course, and a videofilm. If necessary interviews in a second step.

  • Application and tuition fees

    If you are a Swedish citizen or a citizen of another EU or EEA country you are not required to pay application or tuition fees. Some other groups are also exempt from the requirement to pay application and study fees.

    A few years ago Sweden introduced application and tuition fees for higher education. The level of the study fees depends on which course/programme they are for, and the level is set in order to cover the actual costs of the course/programme in question. Uniarts has some possibilities of offering scholarships that cover the whole study fee or that subsidise it.

    If you are required to pay an application fee, we need to have received your payment by the last date for applications. The application fee is SEK 900. If you are required to pay the application fee and we have not received your payment by the last date for applications, we will not process your application.

    Tuition fee for the course Platform - Physical - Theatre, Summer term: SEK 50 472.

    Read more about application and study fees, how to pay to Uniarts and tuition fee scholarships.


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