Exchange application to the Bachelor's Programme in Opera

Welcome to apply for an exchange term at the Bachelor's Programme in Opera - Vocal Performance

Courses offered

As an exchange student you will follow the curriculum of the third year of the Bachelor's Programme and you can choose to apply for the autumn term or for the whole academic year 2019/2020.

Autumn term

Opera Performance Bachelor 5 - site, event, encounter (30 ECTS)

In this course you get to explore how different spatial and audience conditions affect and create meaning in the music dramatic performance. The course consists of: 

  • Singing lessons, individually and in  a group
  • Musical vocal study and performance work, individually and in a group
  • Music dramatic performance exercises with shifting spatial and audience conditions
  • Issues and exercises regarding the coexistence between audience and space and the significance in the meeting with the audience
  • Performance on stage with orchestra and conductor or conductor and pianist

Main languages of instruction: Swedish and English

Term dates: 2 September 2019 to 19 January 2020

Study pace: Full time

Spring term

Opera Performance Bachelor 6 - Professional life and society (10 ECTS)

The aim of the course is to provide the students with knowledge that prepares them for professional work and enhance their skills as independent opera artists. The course consists of:

  • Practical artistic and entreprenuerial project in a group
  • Audition practice
  • Singing lessons

Degree Project (20 ECTS)

The aim of the course is for students to develop an opera role through independent and reflective performance work, under supervision and in close collaboration with other professional groups. The overall aim is for students to develop their knowledge of and understanding for exploratory processes in the field of opera and to further develop their professional approach. The course consists of:

  • Preparation for a music dramatic production. Vocal study, musical interpretation, role analysis.
  • Implementation of a role in a music dramatic production, with set design, costume, lighting, make-up, an orchestra in cooperation with the production team and a conductor.
  • An independent reflective project under individual supervision, to be presented for examination; seminars;oral presentation and participation as an opponent

Main languages of instruction: English

Term dates: 20 January to 7 June 2020

Study pace: Full time

Responsible unit: Department of Opera (University College of Opera)



Applications are handled through the online application system EASY. The application period is 15 March to 15 April 2019. To apply, click on the green "Apply"-button on the top right corner of this page

The following documents will be required:

  • Letter of Motivation
  • CV
  • Your latest Transcript of Records.
  • Certificate assuring that you are registered at a Higher Education Institution
  • Letter of recommendation from a tutor or teacher at your institution
  • Nomination letter from your institution
  • Web links to a recent audio recording and a recent video recording. Each recording should be maximum 10 minutes. Format for sound: Wav or AIFF. Format for video: Mov or mp4

When applying online, make sure to double check that you have chosen the correct home institution. Our partner universities should be registered in EASY, but if you do not find your institution, please contact our International Coordinator, Angelica Piñeros or your International Coordinator.
Your home institution will automatically receive a request to nominate you once you have submitted your application.