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MOVIT EXPO! Olle Strandberg: Creative adaptation to uncontrollable situations

Olle Strandberg's exposition for "Movit - directing and dramaturgy for movement - based performing arts" examines creative adaptation to uncontrollable situations, the hot air balloon as a circus discipline and the wind machine as a tool to influence gravity and the circus performer's ongoing work with or against it.

Olle Strandberg investigates uncontrollable situations as a way to allow material and circumstances dictate the circus practice. Through an exploratory work with the airspace in focus, a work with a hot air balloon as a circus tool and a wind machine as a way to influence the direction of gravity, re-examine invasive patterns and allow its force to dictate circus material, started. In the meeting between circus performers, the hot air balloon and the wind machine, temporary rooms in the room are being created, building up and collapsing on each other. These temporary playgrounds in an uncontrollable environment enable a different approach to the circus practice. Situations that include cooperation, trust, ad hoc solutions, presence in the moment and many unforeseen happenings. The focus is on what kind of opportunities, spaces and circus techniques that the circus performers, the wind turbine and the hot air balloon succeed at creating each specific time. By changing the focus from the skill of the circus disciplines to the circus artist's ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment, another part of the circus practice is clarified.

The exploration is based on a wish to question the need for exactness, strive for perfection, that is so linked to the circus practice. It also works as an attempt to broaden my own understanding of what contemporary circus can be like. 


Circus perfomers – Simon Wiborn, Methinee Wongtrakoon, Olle Strandberg

Research question

How can the ad hoc creative adaptation to an unstable environment create a new relation to the circus practice?

How can we use the foundations of acrobatics such as balance, counter weight, tension to meet uncontrollable situations? 

How can the hot air balloon be used as a circus apparatus? 

How to structure acrobatics in an ever-changing environment? / Plan for facing randomness? 

In the research I’ve been working with several circus artists to explore primarily acrobatics in strong wind and with hot air balloon. We have been investigating different ways of planning the sessions and writing patterns knowing that the reality will look different each time we try to follow the plan. The investigation makes the focus shift from trying to perform perfection to trying to manage to kind of pull of a planned situation. 

/Olle Strandberg

Director and choreographer, mainly working in the contemporary circus field.


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