Foto: David Relan

"Monday Presentations": Mikko Niemistö

Välkommen till höstens "Monday Presentations" på ämnet performativa praktiker. Presentationerna hålls av alumner från masterprogrammet Nya Performativa Praktiker (NPP) på DOCH.

Mikko Niemistö: Birthday boy

Mikko Niemistös NPP Monday presentation den 27 nov kl 18.00 - 19.30. 

During my studies in The New Performative practices programme I was navigating through the information stored in my body. Information from past practices, the space around me and my socio-cultural surroundings. I used a method called dismantling, which was about taking this information apart and organizing them. I also used different objects to transform the space: assemblages of common day stuff that could be seen as my body parts and at the same time something external. 

Finally I ended up focusing more an more on the movement of my body. I used repetition to bring out associations and movement loops as a tool to create change. It was about trying not to create something new but to recycle the old and see the potential for change that the old things contain. 

Through these methods and practices two solo works, Birthday and Birthday #2 were created. I will present a stripped down version of  Birthday #2, where I focus on two states of body/mind that created the structure of the piece. 

Foto: David Relan


Mikko Niemistö is a choreographer and a performance artist from Helsinki, Finland with a backround in various styles of movement and contemporary performance practices. He approaches choreography and performance with methods he calls dismantling, building and collage making. He has worked in different collaborations and performed most recently in e.g. URB festival/Kiasma theatre, brut Wien, Korjaamo theatre and Mad House Helsinki. 

"Monday Presentations" på DOCH

Alumner från masterprogrammet i Nya Performativa Praktiker (NPP) bjuder in till öppna presentationer. Träffarna hålls på DOCH under hösten.  

Varmt välkomna önskar NPP-alumnerna!

Ingen kostnad. Presentationerna hålls på engelska.

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